Facial Reflexology

In proximity to the brain and sense organs the face presents a reflex zone of the highest order which demonstrates fast and often immediate results from reflexology treatment.​

The duration is one hour following a first intake talk. The treatment is always divided in two parts. The first one is to prepare the nerve system to receive informations, the second one works directly on the specific individual needs. After the treatment the receiver will learn some basic movements to perform autonomously at home to empower the effect of the treatment.

During a treatment is not required wearing particular clothes or taking them out. In case of irritated skin or specific conditions there is the chance to treat other parts of the body according to their reflex maps.

Aesthetica Treatment

“Balance inside, beauty outside…” A unique treatment developed at AIRFI designed to tone facial muscles, improve skin function and appearance or wrinkles. It works the face, head and neck thereby influencing the musculature of the entire body.

Using gentle stimulation of fingertips or selected tools it is beneficial for all those with skin issues, old people and young children. Another way to see the face and another method to apply reflexology.

Vietnamese Full body Treatment

Adapted and westernized from the Vietnamese full body massage (which uses tools) to a relaxing massage using simple oils and the hands. Covers back, feet, legs, arms and hands.

The massage is used rarely as a further and profound means to investigate the body and explore reflexes and zones relevant to our work.

Facial Cranial Reflexology treatment

Created and developed by the founders of AIRFI this is a technique exclusive to our school. Using simple instructions and easily identifiable points we can work with the physical and emotional/ spiritual/ soul aspects of each of the yin organs in the body. the results of this treatment are profound making it perhaps the most powerful tool in the Dien Chan Zone package.

Due to its powerful effect we don’t give this treatment during a first appointment. A prior facial reflexology treatment is needed to start an initial work on the nerve system necessary for a deeper intervention.