Dien Chan Zone works on the nerve system.

You can feel immediately the body response.


Dien Chan Zone Europe offers the whole training in Italy, the UK and The Netherlands.


Dien Chan Zone is made of simple stimulations. It was created to give everyone the power to heal themselves. It’s intuitive and based on your own feeling.

Dien Chan Zone

The incoherence between thoughts and emotions gets in unbalance with the surrounding. This unease setting comes out in the body as a symptom.

What is Dien Chan Zone?

AIRFI, Accademia Internazionale Riflessologia Facciale Italian, International Academy of Italian Facial Reflexology, based in Milan since 2008 and founded by Beatrice Moricoli and Vittorio Bergamini. It is the only officially authorised school of Dien Chan in Italy and offers a unique form of the technique worldwide.

Beatrice and Vittorio began their journey with Dien Chan before any books about it had been written. They have studied in Vietnam and were involved in the transmission of the technique from East to West, finally publishing their own book in 2015.

Whilst honouring the Vietnamese tradition their work has been one of extended study and experimentation to adapt the method to meet the needs of the Western public. Notably this has led to lighter pressure and greater openness and connection between therapist and recipient.

What is Dien Chan?

Dien Chan, is a simple and highly effective manual technique designed to restore and maintain balance and wellness within the body. Founded in 1980 by Professor Bùi Quôc Châu of Hoi Chi Minh City (Saigon, Vietnam), it originated as a form of acupuncture and developed as a multi-reflexology utilising the body’s natural reflex-nerve and meridian systems.

A typical treatment consists of facial massage whereby pressure is applied according to more than 30 well-established reflex maps and over 600 points on the face. It can offer relief to those suffering interior disharmonies and bodily pains whether acute or chronic in nature.

Now practiced for over 30 years in medical and rehabilitation environments, it has drawn recognition as the most rapid and effective therapeutic technique in over 35 countries.

The 'Italian Facial Reflexology' maintains its roots in the incredible Vietnamese work and beyond that has developed the following improvements applied to both our treatments and our teaching:

Execution of the treatment for 30/60 minutes on a bed is performed by:

- Always starting from initial protocol (relaxation of the nervous system and obligatory base points) which was an idea introduced by Nhuan Le Quang then studied and developed by us
- Stimulation of internal organs through their corresponding zones of the face
- An investigation of zones, micro-zones and points of interest identified by visible discomfort, redness and/or the presence of bulges or depressions in the skin
- Specific points of the organ in question are worked and stimulated with delicacy, presence and for longer
- Each symptom has a corresponding space on the face relating to the organ in question through which it can be resolved
- Initial and final contact are bridged by a 'mother hand' maintained always in contact with the recipient
- We do not explore one single organ, but the zone of the apparatus which that organ is a part of and finally we return to the individual zone of the organ itself
- Throughout the treatment we are researchers; we search for our recipient's personal points until we discover the points of their specific blockage

Acclaimed by Professor Bui Quoc Châu amongst others, their school has become an important reference point for the evolution of Dien Chan globally.

Why choose this method?

The face reflects every kind of pain and presents all of the reflex zones in the body; thus it provides a reflexology zone of the highest order.

Working in proximity to the brain and sense organs allows reflex systems to mobilise more quickly than other reflexologies. Moreover the number of points and maps greatly exceed that of other techniques.

Most importantly, the SIRFA method offers greater freedom to the therapist and recipient; by teaching zones and selected points it can be learned and performed more readily. Therapists can then direct their recipients to continue the work at home using rounded objects or their own fingers. This encourages people to become aware of their own health and to intervene at the first sign of illness.

It leaves us free to act at any time, in any place and with our own hands. It is a truly potent and empowering technique.

Beneficial for common ailments such as:

Sinus problems
Neck and back pain
Digestive problems
Migraines and headaches
Panic attacks and anxiety
Menstrual pains and hormonal issues
Water retention, cellulite and heavy legs
Muscle and joint aches e.g. cramps, lumbargo, sciatica

Moises Moricoli

Moises Moricoli (1984) is a facial reflexologist trained in Milan at the Italian Dien ChanSIRFA ® Academy. After his first formation as therapist he continued with the teacher program of the technique.

His skills of therapist are the results of a path started when he was 19 years old. He started to deal with the concept of energy  and healing through the Transformational Breath Technique. After this experience he got his first contact with the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He had a basic training in Shiatsu followed by a full formation in Foot reflexology.

Throughout these years he integrated in his practice the activation of Reiki, 2nd Level of 7 from the The Radiance Technique ® – Real Reiki ®.

His strong interest and desire to share and help others with the insights he acquired so far led him to deepen his formation of Shiatsu once moved to The Netherlands. Aside these studies the vietnamese technique of Facial Reflexology started to be present in his life and ended up to resonate better with his personality.

Price Info

Facial Reflexology
First intake 90 min – 90 € (incl. 21% VAT)
Normal session 60 min – 65 €

Dien Chan Aesthetica
Normal session 60 min – 65 €

Vietnamese full body treatment
Normal session 90 min – 90 €

Package 5 Sessions – 250€ (incl. 21% VAT)

Cancellation within 24 hours before the appointment are free of charge.
Delayed cancellations have to be payed half the price.


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During a treatment is not required wearing particular clothes or taking them out. In case of irritated skin or specific situations there will be the chance to treat other parts of the body according to other reflex maps.


It is possible to receive a treatment directly at your place. This will include additional costs.

For any informations and special agreements don’t hesitate to contact me directly.